Wholesale Fuels

supplypoint-map (3)Our Company markets wholesale fuels to various types of businesses throughout Florida and Georgia. We service ALL types and sizes of accounts ranging from deliveries as small as 100 gallons to customers that purchase millions of gallons yearly. We deliver products 24/7 to meet your needs.

We are well established in our served markets and offer competitive pricing, timely delivery, and friendly service. With market volatility at its highest levels, timing is the key to purchasing products at the lowest prices. A few minutes can cost you hundreds of dollars.

We market products to businesses such as:

  • LTL Freight Companies
  • Transportation Companies
  • Construction
  • Power Plants and Generating Stations
  • Farm
  • Retail Gas Stations (Unbranded)
  • Travel Centers and Truck Stops
  • Wholesale Marketers

Supply in the Southeast has become increasingly difficult. We are here to ensure that your locations will have the products it needs to operate, period!

Give us a call or email orders@lvhiers.com for more information or to receive a price quote.




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